Company Profile

Dynamic, a subsidiary of InfoCast Middle East, empowers its clients across various industries with a broad range of solutions engineered to address critical functions, processes and operations in physical security, IT network and infrastructure, asset tracking and parking systems. Dynamic was founded in 2002 in Cairo, Egypt, and has since expanded its portfolio across the MENA region, providing solutions that consolidate state-of-the-art software and hardware components through a formidable network of partnerships and agreements with world-leading companies.

Dynamic, determination to delivering its services at the highest levels of quality and integrity is never better expressed than in the fact that each solution is tailored to needs of the client through a project that is conceptualized, managed, overseen, implemented and maintained by Dynamic’ team of experts, precisely matching every project’s infrastructure with its requirements and objectives. Today, Dynamic boasts a leading position in the industry, and continuously strives to maintain it in ways that best express its promise, values and dedication to making the world a better place.